Environmental statement

Environmental policy for 2 Cambridge Villas B&B

Visitor impact in the Lake District is having a damaging effect on the environment.  We are fortunate to have this amazing landscape but are aware that it needs looking after so that future generations can enjoy it as we do now.  We aim to bring about greater guest awareness of our environmental impact to the area and as a business we aim to become responsible by making the move towards sustainability.

To start our journey to becoming sustainable we are using an independent assessment scheme run by Green Tourism.  They give us advice and guidance to help us achieve our aim.  We already have much in place and are currently going through the assessment process which we hope to have by summer 2021

Below are some of the things we are already doing towards becoming a more sustainable business:

  • Reducing our energy consumption with low energy light bulbs and room thermostats in all rooms.
  • When replacing appliances, ensuring they have an energy efficient rating.
  • Reducing our water consumption through use of dual flush toilets and taps fitted with aerators.
  • We recycle everything that we can and encourage guests to do the same.
  • We are composting as much food waste as possible.
  • We are reducing our use of single-use plastic (glass water bottles in rooms; milk delivery in glass bottles; no individual jams/sauces)
  • We source most of our food and drink from local shops.
  • We research companies for their sustainability before we buy new products.
  • Our guest toiletries are produced in Cumbria.
  • Most of our cleaning products are bio-friendly.
  • We grow flowering plants in our small garden that are insect and butterfly friendly.
  • We have bird feeders and water bath for the birds.
  • We grow all plants and herbs organically.
  • We provide guides and information on walks and cycle routes to our guests.
  • We have a cycle shed to encourage cyclists to come and stay.
  • We provide a drying facility for walkers who have been out in the rain.
  • We encourage guests to walk from the door to reduce transport use.
  • We give guests information prior to their visit on the ease of using public transport.
  • We communicate our green story to our guests on our website, via social media etc.
  • We donate to a local charity, the Lake District Foundation who fund conservation, environmental and cultural heritage projects in the Lake District.

We are committed to improving the sustainability of our business by achieving further goals and to continually move forward on our green journey.


Kate Ayres – owner, 2 Cambridge Villas B&B