Getting out and enjoying the area

With such a wide viriety of ways to spend your time in the Lake District, how do you decide what to do, and where to do it? If your in need of some inspiration, have a look at some of the web sites we’ve collected for you here.

Flasks and Packed lunches

Before you head out for the day let us fill your flask (free of charge.) We can also provide a packed lunch for a charge of £7 per person. Please order the day before.
Packed lunch includes: Sandwich or roll with filling of your choice, crisps, home-made flapjack/cake, chocolate biscuit bar, a piece of fruit and carton of juice.
We don’t provide plastic bottles of water but will happily fill your re-useable bottle for you.

Drying Wet Clothing

We’d love to be able to order dry weather for your days out walking but unfortunately that’s one thing that’s beyond our control. So if you get wet please let us dry your clothes and boots. We’ll do our best to get them back to you as soon as possible!

Walking/Cycling Alone

For safety reasons (not to be nosey!) please inform us of your route/destination. In case of an emergency we can effectively aid any assistance you may need.

Be Prepared

While the Lake District can be a huge playground, it can also be a very demanding environment and deserves a great deal of respect. Kate & Mark are both qualified and active Mountain Leaders, we are happy to offer route advice and provide tips on what to wear, what to pack, and what the weather might be like. We’ve been out in all weathers imaginable, and a few unimaginable days too!

The famous Lake District weather can change very quickly. Check the conditions before you set out and be ready for the worst. Have a look on the Lakeland web cam and see for yourself what the condition have been like recently.

If in doubt about your ability to complete your chosen route, we may be able to help as we offer a mountain guiding service too. Have a look at what we can offer at Mountain Journeys and Climb Scafell